The Great War Bar

The name for this blog has become all the more ironic in the last month, in that I either “am taking a career hiatus” or “have left my job without a new one” (phrasing dependent on whether one prefers a floral or frank explanation).  As such, the income of which I speak is currently non-existent, but hey, a girl’s gotta eat.


$14 might not seem a justifiable amount for someone with a rapidly dwindling savings account to spend on 85 grams of chocolate.  However, I have long been on the lookout for Wellington Chocolate Factory‘s Coconut Milk Chocolate, and when I happened upon a variant of it in the Upper Moutere Valley, the state of my bank account was obscured by the want, nay, the need, to splurge on a bar of the stuff.

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The Great War Bar is a 52% cacao block of coconut milk chocolate topped with Anzac crunch.  While coconut chocolate made from organic, ethically traded cacao beans is possibly a far cry from rations bags in the trenches of WWI, the direct nod to the Anzacs by way of biscuit crumbs is a clever, and tasty, link.  As the wrapper (adorned with original artwork by Misery) states, profits from the sale of these bars are donated to the Great War Exhibition “to assist with making the compelling history of the First World War available to all.”  Furthermore, to this untrained eye, the list of ingredients appears to be vegan-friendly, should anyone be that way inclined (which, as my love for all things pork-belly related makes clear, I am not).

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Other innovative flavours in the WCF stable include The Craft Beer Bar, Salted Brittle Caramel, and Chilli Lime Nuts.  I’ll be keeping an eye out for the Peanut Butter Raspberry Bar, a dark chocolate offering containing, as the name might suggest, both raspberries and peanut butter (the latter by the inimitable Fix & Fogg).  That said, short of a new job, the purchase of such luxuries is unlikely to be a daily occurrence.  Perhaps this is the motivation necessary to seek gainful employment once again?

The Great War Bar

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